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The District began the comprehensive replacement of old and inefficient heating and ventilating systems with new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in 2006. Sometimes referred to as ‘the Proposition 55 Mechanical Program’, the Board of Education approved the use of Proposition 55 funding for the design and construction of new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at seventeen (17) sites which were completed in three (3) phases between 2007 and 2009. A more detailed narrative regarding the history of this Proposition 55 Mechanical Program is available in the Program History.

A major component of the 2010 Measure C Facilities Improvement Program, the scope of work of the HVAC Program in general includes the removal and replacement of aged and inefficient heating and ventilating equipment with new, high efficiency heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in all traditional classrooms and the core administrative areas at the twenty-eight (28) sites which have not yet been retrofitted. Implemented in four (4) phases from 2012 through 2015) the twenty-eight (28) schools and the implementation sequence are available in the Implementation Sequence and Program Master Schedule links below.

 The work included in the Measure C HVAC Program involves three (3) major components: elimination or reduction of required service of old non-energy efficient hot water (heating) boilers and terminal equipment; the addition of new (high efficiency) gas fired furnaces and air conditioning equipment; and minor demolition and reconstruction of cabinetry and casework in each space to receive the new equipment. The architectural/engineering team of Nacht and Lewis/Capital Engineering Consultants has been retained to prepare the designs for all systems.


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