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2015 Update

While identified as the Mechanical Program, replacement of heating systems and the addition of air conditioning to more than 500,000 square feet of classroom(s) and administration areas represents a true modernization to MDUSD campuses.  Additionally, the Board of Education requested accelerated completion of more than $65 million in portable replacement and various improvements at the secondary campuses.  The bond has funded the accelerated delivery of over $11 million in planned modernization scope. While this work is now substantially complete, with the possible exception of some enhancement projects, all work is consistent with the priority of work identified in the 2010 Facilities Improvement Plan.


Moving forward, MDUSD is committed to ensuring system equity to complete originally projected physical plant integrity, health, safety and technology systems necessary to support the educational environment. As such, projects originally identified will be physically verified, scoped and verified against the 2010 cost projections. While physical verification is still required, over the next 4 years, the modernization program has yearly budgets of $16 million, $17 million, $12 million and $11 million respectively.  As always, final modernization costs will be dependent upon assessment and other economic (escalation) factors.


The originally proposed 2010 Facilities Improvement Plan scope of work can still be found by following the schools link on the left hand side of this page.


Work Currently Scheduled Completed

Storm Service Improvements


Concrete Curb Improvements

Concrete Flatwork/Repairs  
Paved Playground Repairs  
Playground Equipment Replacement  
Fencing Replacement  

Exterior Door Replacement

Roofing System Repairs/Replacement  
Window Replacement  
Floor Covering (Aggregate)  
Door Hardware Replacement

Restroom Renovation

Food Service: Code Improvements  
Installation of Security System

Construction of Middle School Science Lab Facilities

Specialized Classroom Installation
Demolition and Removal of Existing Portables
Replace Portable Buildings
Provide Elementary Interim Housing  
Provide Middle School Interim Housing  
Work NOT Currently Scheduled  
Exterior Soffit Lighting Replacement  
Interior Lighting Improvements  


Note: While all technology improvements will be completed concurrent to the greater modernization work at sites, technology improvements are discussed independently under the ‘Technology’ section.


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