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Arguably, the Measure C program scope finds distinction in the unprecedented emphasis and focus on the implementation of projects that underscore Mt. Diablo Unified’s commitment to environmental stewardship through the conservation of resources and the reduction of on going expenses to the General Fund. Both the district-wide solar program, as well as the installation of a web-based turf irrigation management system will serve to dramatically reduce the District’s dependence on valuable resources. Moreover, these systems will significantly reduce general fund expenditures for utilities which can in turn, then be used to support other essential education programs.


Solar (Photovoltaic) Program

The District’s solar program involves the installation of ground-mounted shade and/or parking structures at 51 district sites. The design/build contract was awarded to SunPower Corporation after a very rigorous RFP (Request for Proposal) process. The 51 systems will be installed in three (3) installation increments of approximately seventeen (17) schools/sites per increment. The solar installation schedule will begin in late spring of 2011 and is scheduled for completion in April 2012.With a total of 11.2 Megawatts it is presently the largest K-12 public education solar program under contract in the United States. Once fully installed and operating it will reduce the District’s annual PG and E bill by 91% by generating 81% of the District’s energy usage.

Utility Cost Offset = 91%


Annual PG&E Energy Bill- All 51 Schools/Sites (Before Solar)


Annual PG&E Energy Bill- All 51 Schools/Sites (After Solar)


Estimated Bill Savings from Solar Generation


Percentage of PG&E Bill Reduced


Renewable Energy Target = 81%


Electric Energy Usage – All 51 Schools/Sites

21,305,397 kWh

Solar Generation

17,171,710 kWh

Percentage of Energy from Solar


The District is participating in the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program and will receive approximately $16,150,815   in incentive rebates over the first five (5) years of operation. It is projected that the 11.2 Megawatt system will result in a savings of $192,531,705 over thirty (30) years. Additionally, as part of the District’s contract with  SunPower Corporation, solar system performance is guaranteed at 95% for twenty (20) years and SunPower will maintain the solar systems for the entire twenty (20) years term.

Photovoltaic RFP
California Solar Initiative
Equivalent savings (based solely on offset CO2 emissions)
Solar ‘Design/Build Project Team
Web-based Turf Irrigation Management System