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Request for Proposal

RFP1779 - Upgrade to Existing Bogen Multicom at 19 District Sites

Current Bids

BID1786 - Roof Coating Foothill Middle School Gymnasium
BID1785 - Exterior Painting at Sequoia Elementary School
BID1784 - Voluntary Restroom Renovations at Walnut Acres
BID1783 - Concord High School Interior Campus Improvements
BID1782 - Concord High School Stadium and Field Improvements
BID1781 - Exterior Painting at El Dorado Middle School
BID1780 - Voluntary Barrier Removal and Restroom Renovations at Various Sites
BID1778 - Interior and Exterior Painting at Holbrook Elementary
BID1777 - Interior Office Remodel Valley View Middle School
BID1775 - Door Replacements and Repairs Summer 2017
BID1774 - Window Replacement at Holbrook Elementary School
BID1771 - Electrical for Temporary Classrooms at Bel Air Elementary
BID1770 - Electrical for Temporary Classrooms at Bancroft Elementary
BID1767 - MOD GROUP III - Hardscape Repairs At Various Sites
BID1766 - Exterior Painting at College Park High
BID1765 - Roofing Replacement at Holbrook Elementary
BID1764 - Installation of HVAC System at Holbrook Elementary
BID1763 - Northgate High Interim Housing Electrical
BID1762 - Concord High Interim Housing Electrical
BID1761 - Interior Office Remodel at Valley View Middle School
BID1760 - Holbrook HVAC Equipment Purchase

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